Friday, November 27, 2020



Due to the current pandemic restrictions we still can not come together as a group. 

We anticipate that we will come together again in 2021.

Govinda will be chanting live on Instagram on Saturday afternoons from 4pm (AEST).

All are welcome to listen and participate.

Click here to listen to the 2020 Guru Purnima Chant


“Chanting Clears the Mind & Revitalises the Spirit”

Chanting sacred words raises our vibration and when this is done in a group setting the effects are magnified.

Chanting can provide several physical benefits including giving us more energy, lowering stress & anxiety, reducing blood pressure and assisting with overcoming addictions and depression.

6 December 2020

Christmas picnic and chanting in J J Holand Park, Kensington

(Click this link for Google Maps)

Bring your own picnic.

** Please note change in location **


Chanting at Virginia Todd Hall recommences in 2021

Please join us for an afternoon of meditation, chanting and discussions to discover the benefits yourself.

We host monthly chanting on the first Sunday of each month.  We start with a meditation, followed by chanting and end the session with a home baked afternoon tea for a $3.50 donation.

Meditation:       12.15pm – 12.45pm
Chanting:           1.00pm – 3.00pm
Afternoon Tea:    3.00pm – 3.30pm

Govinda leads us in the chanting accompanied by the band.
To listen to chanting sample Click Here.

We meet at Virginia Todd Hall, 9-15 Clarence Street, Geelong West
Please bring your own cushion


Click here for 2021 Calendar of Events

2021 Chant Dates

7 February
7 March
4 April
2 May
6 June
4 July
1 August
6 September
3 October

All Welcome!

Virginia Todd Centre - from car park

Ekadashi Fast Days


November 12 & 26
December 11 & 26


January 9 & 24
February 7 & 23
March 9 & 25
April 7 & 23
May 7 & 23
June 6 & 21
July 5 & 20
August 4 & 18
September 3 & 17
October 2 & 16
November 1, 14 & 30
December 14 & 30


We recognize and celebrate the following festivals.

Shivaratri Festival – Thursday 11 March 2021
Lord Shiva’s Great Night celebrated with fasting, chanting, meditation and feasting.

Ram Navmi Festival – Wednesday 21 April 2021
Celebration to honour the birth of Lord Rama – God of Orderly Good Works

Guru Purnima Festival – Saturday 24 July 2021
Devotional worship of the Guru as the spiritual teacher

Durga Ashtami – Wednesday 13 October 2021
Appearance of the Goddess Durga.
She who is incomprehensible and difficult to reach.

Diwali Festival – Thursday 4 November 2021
The festival of light celebrating the return of Lord Rama

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