Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Mission Statement

With great love and compassion to enlighten and educate all members of the public in the true teachings of Samata Samashti Dharma, being the Truth of Oneness In All Beings and All Creation as taught by His Holiness Neelkanth Maharaj and Swami Durgananda by disseminating these true teachings to bring peace and harmony into the lives of all beings on a physical, mental and spiritual level.


The Abhdoot Lineage was established by Jagan Nath Swami under his specific instructions Abhdoot Parampara initiated a new strain of an ancient lineage from the Nagar Swami’s.  Later he initiated Shri Labhuramji Joshi who was later given the title Shri Bapuji Maharaj he lived in the Punjab state of India.

The holy land of Hoshiapur where Bapuji had his ashram was known as Bapuji ka Bagh in the village of Bahadurpur there he lived and taught for more than sixty years.

Hoshiapur is a city of saints and mystics such as Swami Kutasthanandaji, Maharaj Suki Choi, Shri Hari Bawaji Maharaja, Shri Anantashramaji Maharaja and many other saints and mystics who enriched the area known as the Benares of the west.  The town and nearby villages are surrounded by the Shivalika mountain range.  Many famous shrines to the Mother Goddess such as the Jwala Mukhi, Kangra and Chintapuri are not far away.

The area was well known in ancient times often referred to in the Puranic and Tantric traditions known as Jalandar Peetha.

The Vedic sage Vishvamitra created the famous Vedic Gayatri Mantra.  Bapuji was later given the title Sat Guru Dev and is remembered as a great holy man and healer.

Many years ago he initiated his successor Raj Sawindar Pal who upon the death of his Guru received the  Title Shri Neelkanth Maharaja who set up his Ashram of Metaphysical Research in a village called Barsana situated on the twenty-eight kilometer holy circuit in Utter Pradesh about one hundred and thirty kilometers south of New Delhi.  The village is said to be the birthplace of Shri Radha consort to Krishna.  She is the divine personification of selfless surrender and oneness with the Supreme Reality in the form of Lord Krishna.

Years later, in the village of Barsana, a woman named Nova McGrath from Australia was initiated on the day of Ram Navmi at twelve noon April 1974. In 1989 she received the title Swami Durgananda, widely known as Durga Swami, and was given the task to take the teachings to the west.  This she is doing through various channels such as books, tapes, Hatha yoga, and Raj discourses.

It is said to be a great privilege when your Guru is still living and able to continue teaching.

Swami Durgananda Realized Master & Initiated Master of Meditation

Durga Swami has taught yoga, meditation and philosophy around the world for over 40 years

Durga Swami was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia.

As a young child she suffered from a chronic heart condition, in her early twenties she became interested in finding a wholistic approach to support her to good health. Exploring yoga as a form of healing and balancing this lifestyle suited her temperament and she made the modality of Yoga her life’s work.

In the ensuing years she traveled extensively around the world, studying many religions and modalities always on the search for a teacher to help her understand the Truth.  While teaching in India she met His Holiness Neelkanth Maharaj the spiritual leader of ‘Samata Samashti Dharma’ this meeting was to change the direction of her life.

After her primary initiation into ‘Samata Samashti Dharma’ she embarked on a journey of self-discovery for 15 years she undertook intensive training studying the science of Raj Yoga, a metaphysical yoga. At her final initiation she was given the title Swami Durgananda.

Samata Yoga is a practical traditional Raj Yoga, a lineage yoga that is passed down from teacher to teacher originating over 25,000 years ago it helps each aspirant deal with the many stressful situations of our modern lifestyle, helping us to go within to find inner peace.