Monday, February 24, 2020

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Samata Yoga – A book on Practical Yoga
Written by His Holiness Neelkanth Maharaj and Swami Durgananda $29.95

His Holiness Neelkanth Maharaj, Spiritual Seeker and Realised Soul, from the beginning had the inner urge towards self-realization.  His fascinating life-story unfolds as he narrates his own experiences.  His philosophy of Samata Yoga – Oneness in All is the culmination of many years of devotion to mankind.

Swami Durgananda, Realized Master & Initiated Master of Meditation, reprinted the only book Neelkanth Maharaj ever wrote as an offering to her beloved Guruji.  With his permission Swami has added her comments by means of a purport which helps westerners to understand these profound teachings.

Why Am I

Why Am I – Swami Durgananda $24.95

A beautifully written book which shares ancient teachings, stories and anecdotes covering all aspects of our spiritual journey.
It is truly an opportunity to learn from a guru on life’s path and journey.
Covering topics such as states of consciousness, introduction to metaphysics, peace of mind, knowledge – the means to escape and how to meditate

Origins And Practise Of Meditation

Origins and Practice of Meditation – Swami Durgananda $24.95

A valuable text which details the many disciplines required for a seeker who is on the spiritual journey home.
Listing the various forms of meditation as well as  a wonderful list of herbs to assist in balancing the body.


Stories of Purpose and Grace – Swami Durgananda $24.95

These simple stories are filled with complexity, mystery and meaning.  Like all true spiritual teachings they offer something different each time they are read.  Swami is a master storyteller and the stories are a joy to read.

  • Thoughts are Things – Swami Durgananda $20.00
  • Feed the Temple with Love (Vegetarian Cookbook) – Swami Durgananda $24.95

These texts, and seminar papers by Swami Durgananda, are available for purchase.  Please email us using the contact form on our webpage for further information until our online shop is available (coming soon ….).


  • You are the Most Important Person (Vol. 1) (CD) : Yoga and Relaxation at Home – Swami Durgananda
  • You are the Most Important Person (Vol. 2) (CD) : Yoga at Home – Swami Durgananda
  • You are the Most Important Person (Vol. 3) (CD) : Om Shanti – Salute to the Sun – Swami Durgananda

Official release of new CD
“Devotional Songs to our Guru”


This beautiful album is now available for streaming from both Spotify and iTunes.

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