Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Mission Statement

With great love and compassion to enlighten and educate all members of the public in the true teachings of Samata Samashti Dharma, being the Truth of Oneness In All Beings and All Creation as taught by His Holiness Neelkanth Maharaj and Swami Durgananda by disseminating these true teachings to bring peace and harmony into the lives of all beings on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

Swami Durgananda Realized Master & Initiated Master of Meditation

Durga Swami has taught yoga, meditation and philosophy around the world for over 40 years

Durga Swami was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia.

As a young child she suffered from a chronic heart condition, in her early twenties she became interested in finding a wholistic approach to support her to good health. Exploring yoga as a form of healing and balancing this lifestyle suited her temperament and she made the modality of Yoga her life’s work.

In the ensuing years she traveled extensively around the world, studying many religions and modalities always on the search for a teacher to help her understand the Truth.  While teaching in India she met His Holiness Neelkanth Maharaj the spiritual leader of ‘Samata Samashti Dharma’ this meeting was to change the direction of her life.

After her primary initiation into ‘Samata Samashti Dharma’ she embarked on a journey of self-discovery for 15 years she undertook intensive training studying the science of Raj Yoga, a metaphysical yoga. At her final initiation she was given the title Swami Durgananda.

Samata Yoga is a practical traditional Raj Yoga, a lineage yoga that is passed down from teacher to teacher originating over 25,000 years ago it helps each aspirant deal with the many stressful situations of our modern lifestyle, helping us to go within to find inner peace.


Maya and Kabir

Rodney (Rod) Collins – Kabir

In 2005 Swami Durgananda initiated Rod into the Samata Yoga lineage bestowing him with the spiritual name Kabir.

Born and bred in the small country town of Winchelsea 115 km south-west of Melbourne Kabir has an accomplished career in Veterinary Science. Having worked in veterinary clinics for over twenty years he is dedicated to providing high quality veterinary care and supporting educational programs, Kabir now works as Aviary and Wildlife Supervisor at Deakin University.

Over the past few years Kabir has completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Acupuncture) including a 2 month residency in Traditional Chinese medicine at the prestigious Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine in China.

As a qualified Meditation Instructor Kabir has been teaching meditation to students since 2006.


2013  Bachelor of Health Sciences (Acupuncture); Endeavour College
2012  Completed a 2 month residency in Traditional Chinese medicine at the prestigious Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine, China
2006  Qualified Meditation Instructor Samata Yoga Australia
2002  Member of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists (Avian Health)
1993  Master of Veterinary Studies (Small Animal Medicine and Surgery) Murdoch University, WA
1986  Bachelor of Veterinary Science

Bernadette Fyffe – Maya

Bernadette Fyffe was bestowed the spiritual name Maya at her initiation into Samata Yoga by Swami Durgananda in 1997.  Maya works as a Bowen practitioner, a therapeutic massage therapist and Raj Yoga instructor. Growing up in Melbourne’s northern suburbs Maya became a secondary school teacher and taught in schools in Victoria and Western Australia for over 16years.

In 1998 Maya completed her training and qualified as a Raj Yoga instructor under the tuition of Swami Durgananda and started teaching regular yoga classes on the Mornington Peninsula. In 2001 moving back to Melbourne where Maya ran classes at Melbourne and Deakin Universities, in Preston and St Kilda and in secondary schools throughout Melbourne.

In 2003 with the blessing and guidance of Swami Durgananda Maya established the Maha Centre of Yoga and Wellbeing in Preston where she delivers yoga classes, Bowen therapy, therapeutic massage, palmistry consultation and a range of workshops.   Maya has also delivered programs to La Trobe University, VCE, secondary schools, primary schools and various community facilities focusing on yoga practices for stress reduction, mind control and harmonious living.


2003    Thought Field Therapy
1998    Samata Yoga Instructor
1998    Bowen Therapist
1998    Subliminal Dynamics
1995    Bowen Practitioner
1991    Reiki I
1988    Massage Course
1980    Bachelor of Education Creative Arts
1978    Higher Diploma or Teaching
1976    Diploma of Physical Education Melbourne University