Swami Durgananda



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Swami Durgananda

Spiritual Leader of Samata Yoga Australia

We welcome you with Love and Grace to 2015, our year of Inner Light

In this year of Inner Light I ask you all to look within.  As you look within the heart region you will find love, not only a love for the world around you but slowly progressing to a more intimate personal love, love of yourself which leads to love of God.

To look within one needs to meditate daily so that the inner light is ignited.  Once this light is ignited it must be maintained.  To do that daily meditation is required.  

Contemplate – Discriminate – Meditate

Know Yourself.  Know GOD.

May the grace of the Masters be with you always.

Swami Durgananda

We ask you to join with us as we endeavour to find that inner light within, which is free from sorrow or grief.

Throughout the year we will be offering our Samata Samashti Dharma two day workshops again.  In these programs we will share with you the fundamental teachings that are the key to this conscious awareness.

Working together, we can find the commitment to enact what we learn and understand at these workshops, so that we can take one more step towards our goal, that of Self awareness.

Kabir and Maya

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