Monday, May 25, 2020

Swami Durgananda
Spiritual Leader of Samata Yoga Australia


After a very eventful summer in Australia we are entering a period of which, due to the Global Pandemic crisis may and will be trying for many of you. It will test us as Yogis; mass hysteria will surely lure you from the path of inner peace. Now is the time to walk the talk. To stand in one’s own truth is the task ahead in these uncertain times.

We have experienced three months of the year and during that time many of those experiences were surprising and unknown. We have suspended our monthly programs until further notice, which we have never done before.

I would like you now to turn this time to inner contemplation to think of DHARMA. Dharma translated means “Code of Conduct” it is derived from the words dha – that which is worn by me and ma – mine, as clothes express who we are and maintain the dignity of those who wear them so dharma is the measure of the inner dignity and nature of the person concerned.

Dharma teaches us to be true to ourselves without being judgmental to others or forcing ideas and beliefs on them. It teaches us to be true to ourselves to live a life true to the Karma we were born into and born to overcome. Your journey is yours alone wear it in Truth and Harmony, although at this time please remember to be compassionate and caring towards those around you

Remember Dharma is the truth that is not modified by time, space or causation therefore discovering personal dharma, finding yourself and living your truth brings you closer to Self Realisation and isn’t this a wonderful time to do just that.

Stay safe my thoughts are with you all.

Durga Swami


A Yoga Prayer during Lockdown

Dear Ganesh, help me develop and maintain a more simple lifestyle, doing one thing at a time with care and attention.

Dear Sarasvati, help me to speak with kindness and patience, and to use my words thoughtfully.

Dear Durga, help me to be courageous with these uncertain times ahead. When confronted by aspects of my lower mind, help me to be aware and wisely choose action in overcoming them.

Dear Lakshmi, help me to value and connect with the wealth of knowledge available to me, to carefully contemplate discriminate and meditate daily.

Dear Vishnu, help me persevere through this period of uncertainty, always remembering the spiritual journey that I am on.

Dear Surya Sun God Prana Pati, help me focus in my pranayama practice, help guide me towards the foods, activities and exercise that build and sustain my energy throughout the day. Help me to keep my mind focused. Help me to mindfully prepare and eat nutritious food that will fuel my body and mind.

Dear Shiva, please help me to be teachable and open to understanding myself better. Help me daily in meditation and in putting my Guru’s teachings into practice.

Dear Rama, I ask that you help me be organised in how I use the time and space available to me. Help me to be tidy and mindful of the other people I share my home with. Help me to always remember God when cleaning and doing daily tasks.

Dear Krishna help me to be compassionate especially when I am feel challenged, impatient and tired.
Help me to remember that God is everywhere and we are all part of the same creation.

Prepared by Somati in Italy