Swami Durgananda

Spiritual Leader of Samata Yoga Australia

Dear Seeker

We welcome you with Love and Grace to 2016, our year of SELF DISCOVERY

This year we have a great year planned.  2016 will be a year of “SELF DISCOVERY” a year to find not only who you are but a chance to allow the inner you to shine, blossom and strengthen.

In 2016 all our classes and programs are designed to help strengthen and expand your body and mind.  Come and join us in one of our classes, workshops or festivals.  Remember to keep checking the website for all information and updates.

May Grace and Light fill your every moment.

Swami Durgananda


We ask you to join with us as we share in this year of Self Discovery.

Working together, we can find the commitment to enact what we learn and understand, so that we can take one more step towards our goal, that of Self Discovery.

Kabir and Maya