Monday, February 24, 2020

Swami Durgananda
Spiritual Leader of Samata Yoga Australia


Our theme for this year is “INNER KNOWLEDGE”.  As in the scriptures “KNOW YOURSELF KNOW GOD”.  Unless we know ourselves we will never reach enlightenment and Self Realisation.

In this physical world there are many stresses and strains, which bring about disharmony and distress in our relationships with loved ones, as well as all those who come into our lives either passing or staying.  We will this year teach you how to create this refuge of harmony within with our Samata Samashti Dharma workshops, stories and of course wonderful chanting which calms the soul.

This is a year of living in the moment, to look within and reach that temple of refuge that is unique, individual, where you will learn to stand within your truth.

At initiation the teacher points the way and beckons you to follow on a divine journey of discovery that takes each of us to The Place Of Inner Peace there to sit in meditation and contemplation.  A place of truth a place of peace and joy

For 2020 I wish for you, courage to go within and find your true self and to live the life as you were meant to, within the vibration of your dharma.  Only then will you find “Sat Chit Ananda”.

May the Grace of the Masters be with you always.

Swami Durgananda